Our Ponies:

We have wonderful ponies who have been bringing smiles to children's faces for years.  They all work here on the farm giving lessons as well as being active participants in Pony Club.  They are truly awesome.  These are our regulars:

Cookie Crumb - a bay 11 hand mare.  Cookie is in her teens and was raised on our farm.  She first started at parties when she was just 6 months old and been a favorite ever since.  She also drives and pulls the pony cart. She surprises everyone with her speed in our games, but is so gentle when the littlest ones begin their lessons, she brings a sense of great confidence to her riders.

Buttons - a 12.2 hand elderly  dark bay mare who was one of our originals.  So she has been a faithful, reliable Party Pony for over 18 years.   She has won ribbons in driving competitions and dressage. She is a particular favorite for those starting in their first English lessons.

Lacy - a gently aging grey mare who stands 12.2 hands tall.  Lacy has been charming the kids who like 'white' ponies for 15 years.  She regularly takes part in pony club activities and loves to do games.  She has been to the Pony Club Western Championships and to the Prince Phillip Cup in Lexington, Kentucky.

Butterscotch- a young at heart  palomino gelding, Butterscotch is 13.2 hands. He is a favorite with the young cowboys and has been assisting with lessons, camps, parties and pony club for 5 years. He has been to Pony Club Championships and has traveled to Kentucky for the Prince Philip Cup competition as well.

Winnie- - a teen age POA mare, was also acquired from the rescue auction.  She is 12.3 hands and is also known as Winsome Carmelita due to her carmel coloring, which includes a snowflake spotted pattern on her rump.  The kind children of Kaizen Farm and Party Ponies have helped her learn to trust and she now is enjoying her work at camps and parties as well as in our lesson program.

Cinderella- a beautiful Welsh bay pony mare that has been born and raised right here at Kaizen Farm. She is just short of 14 hands and a delightful favorite as well.